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A lengthy explanation:

My mind doesn't think very fluidly. I jump between ideas faster than I can articulate them. If you speak to me in person, you'll notice I often mumble and stutter during conversation. My mouth can't possibly keep up. This manifests in other ways as well. I'm on a constant mission of anxious exploration. I get lost in consuming, studying and observing. I feel that if I don't learn this immediately, I never will. Each idea entering my consciousness becomes more combustible than the one before, and I find myself exerting an immense amount of creative energy in one burst. Creating 10 paintings in one week, for example. All the knowledge I've attempted to embody is discarded into the paint. Only the generic symbols seem to remain.

In some ways, this is productive. But it also leaves me feeling like I've lost time. With very little retention and no steady creative process, the weeks appear as a mirage of dissatisfaction.

I initially created this for myself. At first, I thought it best to keep it that way. Others might find my interest in quantum mechanics odd and I didn't know if I could handle the judgment. But I know that if I seclude my interests I'm missing an opportunity to connect with those around me who might also enjoy these things. A confined quest for knowledge will lead to confined views.

As we study our knowledge expands from a singular point that is unique to our own experiences and beliefs. You might find that someone has an entirely different understanding of the book that you both read. By expressing those differences we can learn more from each other. And that is something I'm hopeful for in this experiment.

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