Notes from my iPhone

Something I do rather inconsistently is jot down thoughts or things I hear into the notes of my phone. Here’s a collection from 2015-Present.

  • A new location might be a catalyst for personal development but it can’t affect fundamental development anymore than a haircut. 03 09 18
  • The desire to stay young forever is just the fear of feeling nostalgia. 02 02 18
  • “I want world peace, a carton of cigarettes, and a Ferrari. And maybe a partner in crime.”
 - A man outside Revolver 01 04 18
  • I constantly feel a need to connect with any period that isn’t present or local. 11 07 17
  • The act of getting to know yourself. Tension between self awareness and actually accomplishing things. Accepting ambiguity 11 06 17
  • What does it feel like to lose the love of your life? When you know you never tried hard enough to keep that person. 09 09 17
  • I should’ve just- I didn’t know- That unappeasing gut feeling I swallowed it whole. What festers inside can only implode. 01 27 17
  • “And we think, nothing else could have been true in that situation, and we wonder why we were so stupid as not to have seen it earlier. The reason, of course, is that we were not psychologically ready to see it. We couldn’t yet intend the new truth or creative form in art or scientific theory. We were not yet open on the level of intentionality. But the truth itself is simply there.” - Rolly May, The Courage to Create 12 19 16
  • Edward Krasinski 10 27 16
  • The leaves are starting to dry. I notice when the wind visits. They no longer softly sway. They rustle. 08 10 16
  • Superficiality is upholding a pop culture and image based scale to determine the value you seek for yourself and dismissing what is lacking trendability. Practicality does recognize the frivolous situation that superficiality stimulates and tries to act above it by controlling not just outcomes but parameters. But just the obsession with control over earthly goods keeps the area shallow. And in the mud they sink together. 05 13 16
  • “That there is a pattern of nature can be shown; what it is can be stated, and we can never be certain that what we have stated is finally correct because there is nothing about which we can act consistently forever.” - Alan W Watts, Psychotherapy East & West 02 09 16
  • The saddest people in the city are the ones that feel forced to keep their blinds closed. 02 13 15

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During a reorganization of my apartment I found my old Japanese Art History book from school. As a preteen I poured over anime, trying to imitate the style. I left that behind as I grew older and my interests changed to photoshop and web design.

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