Color Theory Reading

Because instruction is helpful for these things, I’ve been using two books on color theory to educate myself.

I’ve been taking time to find my artistic voice, style, expression (etc etc). I realize that the phrase screams “I’ve been meditating” but is accurate enough. One method I’m using to find that unique quality to my artistic practice, is simply returning to basics.

I remember that my color theory class while at art school was the most challenging. But, by the end, found a whole new appreciation for how color works. It’s a manipulation game.

Josef Albers

Interaction of Color


I wasn’t introduced to this book in art school like many others, but rather stumbled upon it on Goodreads a year or so ago. The content reminded me of the theories I had learned and it seemed like a book that would be a good resource. It seemed like a book that would sit nicely on a shelf waiting to be pulled as a resource when needed. Albers aims to help his students see color - and colors in relation to each other. It’s less formulaic.


Elements of Color


This book I’ve just acquired. I’m waiting on a hard copy and looking through a pdf, so I don’t have any first hand experience with it. There are rave reviews - with people claiming that this text transformed their use of art. I can’t speak to that - but the pdf reveals that this a dense book. Where the Albers books encourages experimentation and sensing, this text takes a more traditional approach. Discussing color proprerties in detail like hue, value, saturation, etc. I think they’ll pair together nicely.

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