A List of Things I Hope to Find Thrifting

Things that I’m looking for and some things that I have already found. I tend to this list every few months, weeding and adding.

  • Round mirror / vanity mirror on stand
  • Jewelry Box for Mary Jane
  • Jars ( for spices, nuts, teas)
  • Metal toolbox
  • Rug/s
  • Big bowls
  • Light for kitchen table - standing / wall
  • Blanket for bed
  • Pillow/cushions
  • Trays for Makeup - 5” h 10”w
  • Basic long well fitted black pants - loose
  • Blouses in red, yellow, sage, stripes, polka dots, plaid
  • Plaid blazer
  • Black blazer
  • Simple black belt
  • Grommet belt
  • Basic black fleece lined sweatshirt
  • Khaki (Dickies) pants
  • Gray 2 piece suit
  • Cardigans to wear as blouses - creme & black

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Recent Illustration Work

Illustration is providing a lot of comfort in my life at present. Instead of hiding from heartbreak and an unstable identity, I can choose to depict specific moments that symbolize these internal struggles.

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Can someone truly change themself? If you have the desire to change your circumstances you must likely be discontent with your present situation. Something is begging you to tweak one aspect here, and another, a part of your personality, or physical being, there.

Collection of Japanese Art

During a reorganization of my apartment I found my old Japanese Art History book from school. As a preteen I poured over anime, trying to imitate the style. I left that behind as I grew older and my interests changed to photoshop and web design.

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