A List of Things I Hope to Find Thrifting

Things that I’m looking for and some things that I have already found. I tend to this list every few months, weeding and adding.

  • Round mirror / vanity mirror on stand
  • Jewelry Box for Mary Jane
  • Jars ( for spices, nuts, teas)
  • Metal toolbox
  • Rug/s
  • Big bowls
  • Light for kitchen table - standing / wall
  • Blanket for bed
  • Pillow/cushions
  • Trays for Makeup - 5” h 10”w
  • Basic long well fitted black pants - loose
  • Blouses in red, yellow, sage, stripes, polka dots, plaid
  • Plaid blazer
  • Black blazer
  • Simple black belt
  • Grommet belt
  • Basic black fleece lined sweatshirt
  • Khaki (Dickies) pants
  • Gray 2 piece suit
  • Cardigans to wear as blouses - creme & black

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