Stop Spending Money on Things You Don't Need

Look at everything you have and know that it’s enough. Take stock of everything that is reusable or multi-purpose.

Acknowledge that because of the societal framework you exist in, this will be difficult. You’re trying to undo years of corporate programming.

Disconnect from shitty influences like shop-happy instagrams.

Find new hobbies. People shop, or research things to buy, when they are bored or trying to distract themselves from reality.

Shopping, or the act of consuming, has become something we do to try to fulfill a need for improvement. Replace mindless online shopping with learning a new skill, writing, drawing, learning a language. We want control over our lives, we want to make our lives better, and we have come to believe that the easiest way to do that is to buy things. Spending money is one issue - going out, drinking, travel, etc. In these cases you are paying for time and place. When we buy things we are often trying to change or improve who we are. I think most of us know that things won’t make us happy in the long run - but we also can’t help but enjoy the escapism.

Even after you’ve become conscious to your dependency on consumerism and capitalism - continue to do research. Read Marx, read Adiorno, pay attention to current affairs as it relates to consumption and environmental impact. It’s important to continue the educational process, forming your own opinions and figuring things out for yourself and where you stand.

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